American Molecular Laboratories is a center of excellence in precision medicine dedicated to improving patients’ lives.

Leveraging our established scientific expertise in oncology, we provide genomic and proteomic testing for clinicians, and advanced clinical translational research services for pharma drug development. We’re eager to bring new approaches to preclinical and clinical studies to facilitate the personalized management of health conditions and diseases, in an effort to meet the ever-increasing needs of pharmaceutical companies and reference labs worldwide.

American Molecular Laboratories’ testing services cover Oncology, Gastrointestinal diseases, Transplant Genetics, Noninvasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT), and Products of Conception.


Offering advanced testing strategies through precision medicine.

We provide the clinician with the resources necessary to implement precision medicine throughout patient screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Our testing services are designed to answer questions related to therapy selection based on a patient’s disease profile. American Molecular Laboratories’ scientists provide physicians with an understanding of the biology that underlies each patient’s cancer in order to facilitate targeted regimen selection.

We take pride in our specialized laboratory services, including superior turnaround time, enhanced reporting, electronic medical record (EMR) integration, and ongoing research and development of innovative, high-complexity tests under CLIA/CAP certification.


Addressing unmet drug development needs.

Drug development is increasingly focused on precision medicine. One drug does not fit all, and a patient’s response to treatments varies throughout the population due to genomic and proteomic differences. Patients need to be selected carefully for clinical trials to increase the likelihood of success.

American Molecular Laboratories combines cutting-edge research with vast Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical research experience to improve clinical trial efficiency byidentifying  biomarkersand developing assays that provide insights into tumor biology and a drug’s mechanism of action.

This enables American Molecular Laboratories to develop personalized tests for patients who may benefit from chemotherapy, targeted therapy or immunotherapy.

American Molecular Laboratories’ scientific team provides support beyond traditional service-based laboratories, offering of meaningful scientific strategies that deliver unique solutions in oncology, drug development and personalized medicine.