American Molecular Laboratories (AML) has developed an AmHPR™ H. pylori antibiotic resistance panel. The panel tests all major genes in the H. pylori genome for variants that are associated with antibiotics resistance. The H. pylori antibiotic resistance related genes as listed in the table below.

Antibiotic Resistance Related Genes
23S rRNA Clarithromycin
gyrA Fluoroquinolones
rdxA Metronidazole
pbp1 Amoxicillin
16S rRNA Tetracycline
rpoB Rifabutin

Clinical Significance

AmHPR™ H. pylori antibiotic resistance panel is a comprehensive assay. The panel examines antibiotic resistance to six types of antibiotics that are currently used in H. pylori treatment. The panel provides information that is directly relevant to the selection of antibiotics or regimens in the treatment of H. pylori.

AmHPR™ Panel Specifications

Regions Analyzed 6 genes
Method & Technology AmHPR™ proprietary preparation technology and processing pipeline, next generation sequencing, AmHPseqTM analysis software.
Sequencing depth >500X
Assay Sensitivity and Specificity >99%
Sample requirement Gastric FFPE tissue blocks or 5×10µm paraffin sections
Turn-around time 5 business days