American Molecular Laboratories is offering Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) genotyping to assess the genetic risk for Celiac Disease in an individual. The HLA alleles are present in ~95% of patients diagnosed with Celiac disease. A negative test assures 99% chance the patient will never develop Celiac disease. The HLA alleles tested are listed below.

HLA Allele Tested
HLA-DQA1 *05
HLA-DQB1 *02
HLA-DQA1 *02
HLA-DQA1 *03
HLA-DQB1 *03

Clinical Significance

Celiac disease is the most common autoimmune disease affecting approximately 1% of the general population. Often patients are misdiagnosed because there are hundreds of symptoms associated with Celiac disease. This test can put you on the path for diagnosis, and prevent other issues from rising in the future.

CeliacGenePro™ Panel Specifications

Regions Analyzed 2 gene, 5 alleles
Method & Technology
Sequencing Depth
Assay Sensitivity and Specificity
Sample Requirement Saliva or Whole Blood
Turn-around time 3-5 business days